Here at CapitalEdge we provide our clients with a cost-effective, everyday presence in the nation’s capital that is vital to promoting federal priorities in an effective manner. Without effective advocacy, local needs are underrepresented inside the Beltway so at CapitalEdge we work to foster relationships with key decision-makers to secure federal funds, gain support or opposition for provisions of pending legislation, and affect the federal regulatory process on behalf of our clients.

Timing is everything in Washington, and we provide clients an everyday presence in the nation’s capital that is critical to meeting local needs. The experienced staff at CapitalEdge excel at breaking through federal bureaucratic roadblocks on behalf of our clients. Through our advocacy work, we play a key role in crafting, promoting, or opposing federal legislation that affects the operations of local governments. Additionally, we often create coalitions with other local governments, businesses and non-profits within the community, as well as with national organizations in order to enhance our client’s lobbying efforts.

Our extensive track record of success, combined with our respected voice in and around the power centers of Washington, DC, make us a leading representative for the interests of local governments.

Funding for Local Projects

• Community and Economic Development
• Affordable Housing
• Highways, Public Transit, and Aviation
• Water Infrastructure Improvements and Flood Control
• Law Enforcement and Public Safety
• Disaster Mitigation
• Parks and Recreation and Historic Preservation

Legislative Advocacy

• Federal surface transportation program reauthorization
• Energy bill
• Water Resources Development Act
• Telecommunications Act
• American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
• Federal Aviation Administration reauthorization bill

Coalition Building

• Organizing a coalition of 90 transit agencies across the country to promote the successful creation of the Small Transit Intensives Cities Program at DOT.
• We helped to organize and operate the coalition of communities named as participants in the Round II Empowerment Zones program at HUD to successfully secure annual appropriations to keep the program alive after the Administration in power no longer supported continued funding.


• When a client’s use of Section 108 loan proceeds was disallowed by the HUD regional office, we put together the city’s best case for retaining the funds and successfully appealed to high-ranking HUD officials.
• When the transfer of a former Naval Reserve Station stalled, we worked with a city’s congressional delegation and officials in the Department of Justice and FEMA to facilitate the transfer at no cost to the city for use as a police and fire training facility, before the law allowing such transfers expired.

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