Budget Agreement in the Works

Learn what’s on Congress’s plate to finish before the end of the year in this week’s Word from Washington

What to Watch

• House-Senate conference committee closing in on budget agreement.

• Possible House vote on a farm bill conference report.

This Week in Washington

• The House and Senate are both in session this week. The House is set to adjourn for the year at the end of the week, so Congress only has five more days to complete legislation while both chambers are in session. The top priority is for lawmakers to complete a budget agreement.

• The House may vote on farm bill conference report and Congress will likely pass the National Defense Authorization Act before the end of the week.

Complete House schedule available here.

Complete Senate schedule available here.

In the News

• Last week, the Supreme Court declined to hear case on Internet sales taxes.

• The unemployment rate dropped to 7.0 percent in November, a 5-year low. However, unemployment continues to rise for young people.


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