Grants Assistance 

Dwindling resources for federal domestic discretionary programs has made the federal grants process as competitive as ever, and that is where the experienced hands of CapitalEdge come into play. CapitalEdge staff conduct daily searches for federal funding opportunities, alert our clients to relevant grant opportunities, and provide assistance throughout the entire grants process.

CapitalEdge staff conduct thorough, daily searches for funding opportunities through competitive programs at the federal agencies. Based on each client’s priorities and needs, we provide assistance with the grants process, make personal contact with agency program staff to determine their priorities and biases, and marshal support for the application with the area’s congressional delegation. Competition for declining federal grant assistance to local governments is intense, and we guide our clients to success in areas, such as:

• Firefighter Assistance and SAFER Hiring Grants (DHS)
• Police Hiring and Technology Grants (DOJ)
• Homeless Assistance Grants and Section 108 loans (HUD)
• TIGER and Bus & Bus Facilities Grants (DOT)
• Airport Improvement Grant (FAA)
• Brownfields Cleanup and Redevelopment (EPA)

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