House Returns on Wednesday; Senate on Recess

What to Watch

After WRRDA passed  the House and Senate last week, President Obama expected to sign the bill this week.

House Ways and Means Committee will mark up five tax extender bills

This Week In Washington

• The Senate is out this week.

• The House will return on Wednesday for a three-day work week before going on a week recess.

• The House Rules Committee will meet to form a rule on the Transportation, Housing and Urban Development appropriations bill and the bill will likely be on the floor during the week of June 9. There will most likely be an open rule so members can offer unlimited amendments. Amendments to Democrats restore funding cuts to transit programs are likely.

On Thursday,  the House Ways and Means Committee is set to take up two new tax proposals and legislation that would make some charitable tax extenders permanent. The following bills are expected to be considered:

HR 4619: make permanent the rule allowing certain tax-free distributions from individual retirement accounts for charitable purposes
HR 2945: permanently extend and expand the charitable deduction for contributions of food inventory
HR 2807: permanently extend and expand the charitable deduction  property donated for conservation
HR 4691: modify the tax rate for excise tax on investment income of private foundations
HR 4718: make permanent 50 percent bonus depreciation

 Additional information on this week’s House schedule can be found here.

In the News

• Politico’s coverage of the upcoming EPA anti-pollution rule.
• Numerous news groups have covered the start of Text-to-911. The FCC has released details here.


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