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As one of the premier government relations firms in Washington, DC that exclusively represents local governments, we at CapitalEdge believe that our clients comprise our nation’s backbone. To achieve victory on behalf of our clients, we provide personalized services and work closely with each of our clients to customize clear strategies. In short, our firm is accessible to our clients, and we make Washington accessible to them.

CapitalEdge provides our clients uncommon, personalized services that separate us from other firms. Our principle staff is heavily involved in the day-to-day role of serving our clients; prospective clients will not be exposed to senior staff in the early stages only to see them disappear once the contract is signed and the work now must be done. From the top elected official in a City to the professional staff that manages the programs, CapitalEdge uses all of our clients’ expertise to promote their interests.

We believe that local governments deserve the strongest and most effective representation possible here in the nation’s capital.

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