Short Legislative Week in the House; Focus Likely to be on Debt Limit

Details of how Congress may move forward on debt limit included in this week’s Monday Morning Word from Washington.

What to Watch

• Debate over the debt limit will likely dominate much of the week.

• House Republicans working on the FY2015 budget resolution could start meeting this week.

This Week in Washington

The Senate will be focusing on legislation (S 1963) to repeal the cut in cost-of-living adjustments for the military that was included in the January budget agreement.

• On Wednesday, the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee will hold a hearing about the importance of maintaining federal investments in transportation infrastructure nationwide.

• On Tuesday, the Senate Budget Committee will hold a hearing on the budget and economic outlook for FY2014 through FY2024. Congressional Budget Office (CBO) Director Douglas Elmendorf will testify. Last week, he testified in the House on CBO’s budget outlook.

The House may bring up measure to extend the debt limit because the law suspending the debt limit only ran through February 7. Currently, Treasury is taking extraordinary measures to avoid hitting the debt ceiling but can only do so through the end of the month. House leadership is still deciding whether to pass a clean bill or attach spending cuts or policy changes.

• The House Subcommittee on Higher Education and Workforce Training will hold a hearing to examine the programs and services provided to seniors under the Older Americans Act.

The House will end its legislative week on Wednesday so House Democrats can attend the House Democratic Issues Conference. House Republicans held their retreat in January.

A complete Senate schedule available here.

A compete House schedule available here.

In the News

• The New York Times provides details of the farm bill signing in Michigan on Friday, February 7.

Politico shared details of the appointment of Montana Democrat John Walsh to fill the vacant Senate seat. Walsh will be replacing Max Baucus, who left Congress to become ambassador to China.

• The Washington Post describes the current debt limit situation and a possible path forward for House Republicans.

• The Congressional Budget Office released its annual budget and economic outlook report last week.


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